HY1202 Surface Velocity Profiler
  • Accurate & reliable sound velocity measurement adopting “Time of Flight” Technology;

  • Corrosion and pressure resistant compact 316 stainless steel housing;

  • Mechanical design for easy cleaning, optimal flow and flexible integration;

  • Direct path ultrasonic echosounding with 2MHz transducer element

The HY1202 is a real-time surface velocity profiler for sound measurement in ocean,river and lake within 50 meters depth rating. It is applied to fixed-mount installation on surface ships, submarines, AUVs, ROVs and other self-propelled platforms. The HY1202 SVP adopts “Time of Flight” technology and improves the accuracy to 0.05 m/s, which reaches to world-leading level. It is connected to MBE or other instruments via cables, which achieves power supply and RS232 data communication.

Sound Velocity

?     Range: 1400 m/s~1700 m/s

?     Accuracy: 0.05 m/s

?     Resolution: 0.001m/s

?     Depth rating: 0~50 meters

I/O Interfaces

?     Connector: MCBH6M (316 stainless steel) 

?     Output: Standard RS232 serial port

?     Baud rate: 9600-115200

?     Output Formats: Universal programmable ASCII, Valeport, AML, NMEA and others


?     Supply: 12 VDC7VDC-20VDC

?     Power: 0.5W typical, 1W maximum


?     Cable length: 15m watertight cable (standard configuration)

?     Dimension: 190 mm (L) × 39 mm (D)

?     Weight: 450 g in air (W/O cable)

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HY1202 SVP
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